Sneak Peak: Melissa & Tim

October 2011

Melissa and Tim married this weekend in Nashville—a fall wedding with a very visible fall theme. That fall theme was prevalent throughout Melissa’s bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets, eight brilliantly colorful bouquets in all! Each bouquet boasted its own personality, defined by a variety of unique flowers and colors.

Each masterfully handcrafted bouquet was composed of a colorful blend of paper flowers, felt flowers and a few fabric-made, tattered rosettes for a soft, vintage flare. The bouquets also featured roses, carnations and several whimsical, WhimWed originals, resting on a bed of felt leaves! Each of the eight bouquets were stylishly finished with an open-stem design and wrapped in burlap.

Melissa’s bridal bouquet featured the addition of gorgeous, ivory hydrangeas, handmade and hand-dyed from paper coffee filters! The cornerstone of Melissa’s bridal bouquet was a single flower made from portions of the wedding dress from her mother, her grandmother AND a ring from her grandmother! Both Melissa and her mom were teary-eyed and speechless when they first saw her timeless, heirloom bridal bouquet.

The gentlemen were included in the fall, floral festivities with one-of-a-kind boutonnieres made of bright felt leaves and fall-colored berries. The mothers, grandmother and flower girl sported whimsical, ivory-colored felt WhimClips.

A creative director by day, it’s no wonder Melissa had such a creative vision for her bouquets. A creative bride inspires a creative floral designer to create extra creative bouquets and accessories.

Photo Credit: Jessica Caver Photography | Franklin TN

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One Response to Sneak Peak: Melissa & Tim

  1. Melissa Jackson says:

    These were the amazing bouquets from my wedding!!!! I fell in love with these and was so excited to present them to my bridesmaids. My bridal bouquet now sits on the dresser in our bedroom. They pulled these off in record time. I had the most amazing experience working with WhimWed and my expectations were blown away!

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