Sneak Peak: Sara & Matt

November 2011

Sara and Matt wed on the popular, once-in-a-century date of 11.11.11. Their wedding floral selection was equally unique AND newsworthy! Sara chose handcrafted bouquets and floral for her entire wedding party! The bride, her six bridesmaids and the two mothers all carried breathtaking, one-of-a-kind bouquets!

Sara and her bridesmaids’ classic bouquets boasted a stunning array of deceivingly real-looking hydrangeas and ranunculus. The cornerstone of Sara’s bridal bouquet was a single handcrafted flower made from the wedding dress of her grandmother—from 1925! Sara and her mother teared up when this heirloom bouquet was first unveiled to them.

Each bouquet featured an open-stem design, while the bridal bouquet received a few stylish and sentimental extras—a burlap wrap that also held the bride’s grandfather’s watch face and her ‘something blue’ charm. Not to be outdone, the groom’s boutonniere was wrapped with matching burlap. All the men in the bridal party looked distinguished with their unique, whimsical boutonnieres.

11.11.11—a memorable date with unforgettably creative and sentimental wedding floral.

Photo Credit: RZack Photography | Grand Rapids MI

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2 Responses to Sneak Peak: Sara & Matt

  1. sara says:

    I am so in love (still) with my flowers. I have my bridal bouquet displayed in our home! it is now two weeks after our wedding, and I am even more grateful for my beautiful, handmade flowers, (if that is possible). I am so grateful to have these pieces from the most special day of our lives.

    I loved the incorporation of my family [heirlooms] into my flowers. It meant so much to me to have those pieces included. Every person commented on how beautiful they were, and the first thing the bridesmaids said when they saw them was, “Soooo, do we get to keep ours?” haha. All the groomsmen were pleased they were not forced to were delicate white roses.

    All around, it was a great experience from beginning to end, and I would HIGHLY recommend WhimWed to any and all brides. Most of all, it’s great to have this piece from the day of, because when it’s over, it is all over so fast, and you have to wait a very long time to see your pictures. The bouquet helps to keep that memory preserved and reminds you it was not just a dream. :)

  2. I was gifted a bouquet charm from Romero Designs after going to the Martha wedding show. It should be showing up sometime this week! I put a photo of me, my mom, my Gramy and my Great Gram in the charm. It is one of my favorite pictures, particularly since the Grams are no longer with us. I will be so happy to have them all walking down the aisle with me.

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