Style Shoot: WhimDéc Home Décor Bouquet

Introducing WhimDéc, the NEW home décor line of bouquets by WhimWed. Now everyone (not just brides) can enjoy the quality and creativity of WhimWed’s, custom, handcrafted bouquets. WhimDéc bouquets are made using WhimWed’s signature, chic, layered flower design. Each bouquet is delicately handmade with quality fabrics and jeweled accents and customized to fit your home décor style and preferences.

Jessica Caver Photography recently shot our debut WhimDéc bouquet at Dwell At McEwen, a trendy, urban apartment community in the McEwen neighborhood of Franklin TN. Dwell’s hyper-modern lobby provided the perfect backdrop for this colorful, trendy, one-of-a-kind bouquet.

Déc the Halls year around with WhimDéc.

Learn more about WhimDéc—WhimWed’s home décor line of bouquets.

Photos: Jessica Caver Photography | Franklin TN
Venue: Dwell At McEwen | Franklin TN

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One Response to Style Shoot: WhimDéc Home Décor Bouquet

  1. Nouredine says:

    - That low, low shot of them surrounded by all the greereny with the hillside of homes in the background is just absolutely lovely!Ring shot is the money shot though! LOVE it! Bokeh is fantabulous!As an aside, your blog design is lovely! Really reminds me of Nienie dialogues blog, which I adore. Swoon!

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