Real Wedding: Sara & Matt

November 2011

Sara and Matt exchanged vows on the once-in-a-century date of 11.11.11. Their wedding floral was equally one-of-a-kind! Sara and her six bridesmaids carried our most elegant and classic bouquet design to date, composed of hydrangeas and ranunculus, finished with an open-stem design, giving a very fresh look to The New Fresh!

Sara’s bridal bouquet is a true heirloom masterpiece. The focal point of her bouquet is a single handmade flower created from her grandmother’s wedding dress—from 1925! Grandmother’s jewelry was included as well, fashioned into a brooch-like center. A few sentimental extras included grandfather’s watch face and Sara’s ‘something blue’ charm, both affixed to a stylish burlap wrap on her bouquet stem.

The groom and groomsmen looked distinguished with their creative, whimsical boutonnieres made of felt and wrapped in burlap. Not to be excluded from the floral festivities, the mothers of the bride and groom each held a beautiful, handmade mini-bouquet. Even the toss bouquet was a timeless floral creation, possibly serving as the floral foundation for a future WhimWed bride.

Thanks to Sara for entrusting WhimWed with the inclusion of such invaluable heirloom elements in her bouquet! It was a joy to see her reaction when it was unveiled!

Special thanks to Dove Wedding Photography for so beautifully and memorably capturing this classic wedding.

See additional pics of these gorgeous bouquets in the sneak peak gallery.
Photo credit: Dove Wedding Photography | Nashville TN

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