Sneak Peak: Caroline & Ali

Most brides love brooch bouquets…in theory. And what’s not to love about them? They’re colorful, sparkly and attention-grabbing—everything a woman loves. But when it comes to the moment of truth, few brides are bold enough to actually choose a brooch bouquet. Caroline, however, proved to be a bold bride, comfortable with breaking tradition. It was love at first sight…with our cluster brooch bouquet, and it would serve as the center of her wedding design.

Caroline’s gorgeous, handmade (and yes, heavy) bouquet features over 75 brooches of varying sizes and designs, yet making one unified statement. Caroline chose several specific brooches to be included for their symbolic significance for she and her groom, Ali. Caroline’s bridesmaids carried colorful mini-bouquets composed of handmade roses and hydrangeas, featuring a single brooch. Ali and his groomsmen sported whimsical, handmade boutonnieres, making their own creative statement.

Special thanks to Jessica Caver of Jessica Caver Photography for capturing the brilliance and beauty of Caroline’s brooch bouquet. And thanks to The Factory at Franklin for providing the picturesque, industrial venue needed for this shoot.

Read Caroline’s testimonial.

Photography: Jessica Caver Photography | Franklin TN
Venue: The Factory At Franklin | Franklin TN

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