Bridal Interview With WhimWed

Please take a moment to read the following bridal interview as you consider WhimWed for your floral design needs.


BRIDE: How long have you been doing what you do?

WhimWed: We started this business in February of 2011. We hit the ground running when we began and haven’t looked back since!

BRIDE: How did you become a floral designer?

WhimWed (Brad): Lisa has been creative and crafty her whole life—always designing this and creating that. She has a natural eye for design. In January 2011, Lisa decided to channel her creativity toward a brand she could get excited about—her own brand! Soon afterwards, Lisa and I launched WhimWed with the hope of providing a creative and unique product to the bridal market.

BRIDE: We reviewed your galleries and love your work! Can you tell me what sets you apart from all the other floral designers out there?

WhimWed: WhimWed is a very unique floral designer in that we offer brides handcrafted bouquets. Each flower of each bouquet is completely handmade! Furthermore, WhimWed bouquets are timeless, offering brides an amazing masterpiece they can enjoy long after their fresh flower counterpart has wilted and died. Another thing that sets us apart is YOU. Since so many brides choose fresh floral, when you choose handcrafted bouquets, YOU become unique and memorable among other brides!

BRIDE: I know you offer bridal bouquets. Can you produce bouquets for my bridesmaids too? What about my groom and our groomsmen?

WhimWed: We can produce the floral arrangements for your entire bridal party and beyond—everything from your and your bridesmaids’ bouquets to the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, to the mothers’ and grandmothers’ corsages as well as creative accessories such as hair clips and shoe clips! We can even design centerpieces and cake toppers that match your floral design! Take a look at our packages for more details.

BRIDE: What types of bouquets can you produce?

WhimWed: We can design any style of handcrafted bouquet you’d like—fabric, paper, brooch, button, feather…and more!

BRIDE: I see that you produce brooch bouquets. Did you produce Miranda Lambert’s brooch bouquet?

WhimWed: We wish! But if she gets married again, we’ll be sure to make a bid for it!

BRIDE: I heard that you can incorporate my mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress in my bridal bouquet somehow. Is that true?

WhimWed: Yes! If your mother or grandmother has a wedding dress that they’re willing to provide (even just a small piece of), we can incorporate that into your bridal bouquet! We can design a special flower or flowers created from the fabric of her dress! Or, if you want, we can design a special hair accessory from that material. We can do the same with any heirloom brooches or jewelry that you provide. Those heirloom items can transform your timeless bouquet into something even more sentimental and significant.

BRIDE: This all sounds great, but I’m worried it’s a bit expensive. Are we going to be able to afford your bouquets?

WhimWed: We can talk further about your floral design needs and the packages we offer to see if there’s a good fit. You may or may not spend more on your floral design with WhimWed versus going with fresh flowers. We believe there is significantly more value in handcrafted bouquets that you can keep forever versus fresh floral bouquets that you throw away the next day.

BRIDE: What type of bride do you work best with?

WhimWed: We work best with brides that understand the vision of handcrafted bouquets (and accessories) and value their timeless characteristic. Our custom, couture bouquets have a whimsical, vintage, modern vibe and are the perfect choice for a creative bride. DIY brides are good brides for WhimWed because they appreciate the expertise and time required to produce handcrafted products.

BRIDE: Which brides are not going to benefit from your services?

WhimWed: Some brides only want to consider fresh flowers for their wedding and reception. Handcrafted bouquets are a relatively new wedding trend, so some brides have not heard of it before, or they at least have never seen and held a handcrafted bouquet in person. While these brides appreciate the creativity of our handcrafted bouquets, they are set on fresh floral. Even so, most brides understand immediately that our bouquets last forever. We like to call our handcrafted floral products The New Fresh!

BRIDE: Do you offer day-of delivery?

WhimWed: Yes, we can deliver your floral order to you on the day of your wedding for a small ‘a la carte’ fee.

BRIDE: Do you accept payment via credit card?

WhimWed: Yes, we gladly accept credit card payment. You can pay online with a credit card in our online store, or you can pay securely with a credit card in person at your complimentary consultation. We use a super cool iPhone app called Square to accept your payment.

BRIDE: May we contact some of your former clients to hear about their experience in working with you?

WhimWed: Yes. Definitely. Visit our testimonials page to see what our clients have said.

BRIDE: I have a couple more questions before getting started. Can I contact you to discuss this further?

WhimWed: Yes. We’d be happy to answer your questions. We strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of a complimentary consultation so we can answer additional questions and discuss details. Please contact us via email or phone (615-495-8995).

BRIDE: This sounds like everything I’m looking for. What happens next to start the process?

WhimWed: Please follow up with us via email or phone (615-495-8995) to set up a complimentary consultation. We’d love to get to know you and learn about your wedding and your floral design needs.



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