Real Wedding: Kristen & Lance

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When we first met with Kristen, she was quick to share that she loves “big, gaudy and sparkly”. And pearls! And feathers! With those kinds of “likes”, what better “floral” choice than a handcrafted bridal bouquet made of both fabric and brooches! Why choose one and limit yourself? Both and! The result? A beautiful, original, handmade bouquet that perfectly fit Kristen’s “vintage/ glam” style.

Kristen’s gorgeous bouquet is comprised of both realistic and fanciful flowers, made from a variety of fabrics, in white, ivory and an appropriately regal plum. Select flowers are accented with striking brooches and jewelry that span generations, contributed by Kristen’s great grandmother, grandmother, mother, the mother of the groom, her maid of honor and herself. (Thankfully, Kristen’s grandmother loved her bouquet and is not asking for her brooches back.) White feathers peak out from between the flowers, softening the bouquet, and the closed stem is wrapped in pearls, creating continuity with Kristen’s beautiful wedding day necklace and bracelet.

The result: a stunningly glamorous and timeless heirloom bouquet, appropriate for this glamorous bride.

Sneak Peak: Caroline & Ali

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Most brides love brooch bouquets…in theory. And what’s not to love about them? They’re colorful, sparkly and attention-grabbing—everything a woman loves. But when it comes to the moment of truth, few brides are bold enough to actually choose a brooch bouquet. Caroline, however, proved to be a bold bride, comfortable with breaking tradition. It was love at first sight…with our cluster brooch bouquet, and it would serve as the center of her wedding design.

Real Wedding: Sara & Matt

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November 2011

Sara and Matt exchanged vows on the once-in-a-century date of 11.11.11. Their wedding floral was equally one-of-a-kind! Sara and her six bridesmaids carried our most elegant and classic bouquet design to date, composed of hydrangeas and ranunculus, finished with an open-stem design, giving a very fresh look to The New Fresh!

Sara’s bridal bouquet is a true heirloom masterpiece. The focal point of her bouquet is a single handmade flower created from her grandmother’s wedding dress—from 1925! Grandmother’s jewelry was included as well, fashioned into a brooch-like center. A few sentimental extras included grandfather’s watch face and Sara’s ‘something blue’ charm, both affixed to a stylish burlap wrap on her bouquet stem.

Real Wedding: Cassie & Jacques

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August 2011

In August, WhimWed traveled to Paris (not us—our bouquet) for our first international destination wedding! This wedding was international and eclectic from the start with a Nashville bouquet, a Chicago bride and a Paris wedding.

Cassie wanted an elegant, yet unique bouquet to appropriately fit her artistic, European setting. She chose a classic bouquet design of ivory and champagne roses and rose buds. Hand made from high quality satin, this couture bouquet featured several dozen roses, accented with just the right touch of greenery, and finished off with an ivory ribbon-wrapped stem.

While traditional in style, Cassie’s bouquet was anything but traditional in its handmade composition. An established paper designer within the wedding and greeting card industries, Cassie appreciated the originality and creativity of WhimWed’s handmade bouquets. (See Cassie’s creative paper designs at

Style Shoot: 48-Stem Centerpiece & Mini Décor Bouquets

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Spring is in the air, and in the vase, with this colorful and bountiful 48-stem, handmade décor bouquet! Each individual flower is handcrafted, composed of numerous layers of fabric and felt and finished with a jeweled center. Our signature, tattered ribbon leaves compliment each colorful bloom, adding a whimsical flair.

Smaller, but no less beautiful, this mini décor bouquet features a blend of gorgeous roses—both of the fabric and hand-painted paper varieties—accented with glittery poppies. This bouquet beckons spring with its palette of pink, red, yellow and white.

WhimWed designed these masterpieces for a recent corporate event in Nashville TN for the C12 Group. Each of the women in attendance received one of the single-stem flowers as a keepsake memento. At the end of the evening, one lucky attendee won the mini décor rose bouquet in a drawing.

Real Wedding: Melissa & Tim

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October 2011

This past fall, WhimWed had the privilege of designing the personal floral for Melissa and Tim’s wedding. Melissa chose fall-themed colors, a brilliant compliment to the classic black bridesmaids’ dresses and grey groomsmen’s suits. Melissa, a creative director by day, gave us immense creative freedom and trust, envisioning her wedding day to be one overflowing with creativity, artistry and beauty.

Melissa’s bridal bouquet is a timeless, heirloom masterpiece, the cornerstone of which is a single flower made from portions of the wedding dress from her mother, her grandmother AND a ring from her grandmother! WhimWed’s signature handcrafted hydrangeas provided a soft, warm balance to the colorful paper and felt flowers. Each of the seven handmade bridesmaids’ bouquets were given very unique designs, yet all sharing the same colorful, fall tapestry. The men sported colorful and creative boutonnieres made of fall berries, felt leaves and a splash of burlap. The mothers, grandmothers and flower girl adorned beautiful, whimsical, felt brooch WhimClips.

Style Shoot: Felt Décor Bouquet (WhimDéc)

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WhimWed recently designed a NEW bouquet in our home décor line—WhimDéc! Our latest handmade bouquet creation features a foundation of gorgeous ivory felt flowers with adorable burlap centers surrounded by cheery, pink flowers made of jersey and cotton. The open-stem design is finished with a rustic burlap wrap, nestled under a bed of whimsical, tattered leaves.

This whimsical, timeless décor masterpiece will liven up any room in your home or office!

Thanks to Joe Hendricks Photography for their amazing work on this style shoot! Joe selected the perfect locations to showcase our new bouquet, creatively and masterfully shooting it in context and in sharp detail.

Style Shoot: The Spoiled, Whimsical Bride

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WhimWed joined forces recently with The Spoiled Lady (bridal dresses) and Jessica Caver Photography on this style shoot to introduce two of our latest handmade bridal bouquets. Singer/songwriter Jill Brooks modeled for the occasion, effortlessly showcasing the beautiful dresses and bouquets. Shot outdoors amidst the expansive, natural beauty on the campus of Brentwood Baptist Church, we were happy that the sun had joined us.

WhimWed unveiled two new bridal bouquets from their premium line, both as breathtaking as they are classic! Each bouquet features our signature, hand-painted hydrangeas along with beautiful, open roses, handmade from coffee filter paper. One bouquet is composed of a blend of white roses, ivory hydrangeas and pale evergreen ranunculus. The second is made up of brilliant pink and violet roses with violet carnations, with a whimsical ribbon-cluster center. Both bouquets are finished with a stylish, real-looking open-stem design. These bouquets are the first to showcase a new variety of “leaves”, a whimsical, tattered style that further sets WhimWed apart.

Style Shoot: WhimDéc Home Décor Bouquet

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Introducing WhimDéc, the NEW home décor line of bouquets by WhimWed. Now everyone (not just brides) can enjoy the quality and creativity of WhimWed’s, custom, handcrafted bouquets. WhimDéc bouquets are made using WhimWed’s signature, chic, layered flower design. Each bouquet is delicately handmade with quality fabrics and jeweled accents and customized to fit your home décor style and preferences.

Jessica Caver Photography recently shot our debut WhimDéc bouquet at Dwell At McEwen, a trendy, urban apartment community in the McEwen neighborhood of Franklin TN. Dwell’s hyper-modern lobby provided the perfect backdrop for this colorful, trendy, one-of-a-kind bouquet.

Sneak Peak: Sara & Matt

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November 2011

Sara and Matt wed on the popular, once-in-a-century date of 11.11.11. Their wedding floral selection was equally unique AND newsworthy! Sara chose handcrafted bouquets and floral for her entire wedding party! The bride, her six bridesmaids and the two mothers all carried breathtaking, one-of-a-kind bouquets!

Sara and her bridesmaids’ classic bouquets boasted a stunning array of deceivingly real-looking hydrangeas and ranunculus. The cornerstone of Sara’s bridal bouquet was a single handcrafted flower made from the wedding dress of her grandmother—from 1925! Sara and her mother teared up when this heirloom bouquet was first unveiled to them.

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