Floral Design Packages

WhimWed offers the below floral design packages.

Carefully select the floral design package that’s right for YOU and your special day! Would you like a comprehensive package that offers WhimWed’s timeless, handcrafted bouquets and accessories for your whole wedding party, creating stunning floral design continuity? Or are you simply looking for a smaller, more basic package that offers WhimWed’s unique and creative products for just you—the bride—and your groom?

Each package includes the handcrafted floral products listed. The package outline below indicates the bridal party member or individual for whom that item is for.

Email WhimWed to request a pricing sheet for the above packages.


qty.         floral item                  for whom


1          bridal bouquet    bride

1          boutonniere         groom

6          bouquets              bridesmaid

6          boutonnieres       groomsman

6          WhimClips           bridesmaid

5          corsages                mothers/ grandmothers/ guest book attendant

6          boutonnieres       fathers/ grandfathers/ ushers

1          toss bouquet         bride

1          WhimClip/ sash  flower girl


1          bridal bouquet     bride

1          boutonniere          groom

6          bouquets               bridesmaid

6          boutonnieres        groomsman



1          bridal bouquet      bride

1          boutonniere          groom


Basic vs. Premium

WhimWed offers both a Basic and Premium edition of each of the above packages. Basic and Premium floral sets are differentiated by the complexity of the flower you select. Premium bouquets featuring the more complex flowers take significantly longer to design and produce, thereby increasing their value. Premium flowers include highly elegant and complexly designed flowers such as hydrangeas, magnolias and ranunculuses. Basic flowers include simple yet beautiful flowers such as roses, rosettes, carnations, tulips and WhimWed’s signature, layered flower. See below for a list of basic and premium flowers.

Email WhimWed to request a pricing sheet for the above packages.


Basic Vs. Premium Flowers


  • Carnations
  • Layered
  • Roses
  • Rosettes
  • Small Daisies
  • Stephanotis
  • Tulips


  • Calla Lilies
  • Dahlias
  • Gerber Daisy
  • Hydrangeas
  • Magnolia
  • Peonies
  • Ranunculuses
  • Sunflowers

Above list of flowers is subject to change.

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